How to write the perfect location listing!

Over the last month we’ve gotten several requests from property owners on how to create the best listing. So we’ve created a little summary of the most important things to remember when you make your listing.

The key to a successful listing is great photos, practical information and efficient communication.



Have GREAT photos! It is literally the FIRST THING the filmmaker sees. Make sure to have amazing pictures that explain what your location is all about and cover the following:

  • Wide shots, show as much of your property as possible. The filmmakers want to see the space they can work with. Both aesthetically and practically.
  • Lighting conditions, If you can have some photos at both night and day it might be very helpful as filmmakers will see what kind of light they are working with and what lights they need to bring.
  • Both Exterior and Interiors. The filmmaker might just need the outside of your house as a backdrop, so make sure to include images from outside of your house/gardens.

If you want us to photograph for you we can usually send out a photographer for a small fee (or free if your on premium!) contact to get a quote and see what’s up!

Practical info! Be upfront about everything and give as much information as possible. The more information you give out the less time you will spend with enquiries that aren’t right for your location.

  • Price, give them a price range so that filmmakers know if they can afford your shoot. Also make sure to note if the price is negotiable!
  • Practical Info: The more you give the more you get! Filmmakers need to know if you got high ceilings, how many toilets, power outlets, and shops, nearby parking. Anything you can think of will be useful to the filmmaker
  • Your Rules. If you have any special rules, write it down in your listing! (E.g. No smoking!)

Say it like you meant it! Be clear in your communication, there’s no need to try and sell your property. Give the information the filmmakers need and if the property is right they will contact you! When they contact find out all the details straight away, how big is the crew, how much equipment and how long will it last? Feel free to ask for a short summary of what they are shooting (e.g. a couple having a chat while watching cat videos on youtube) just to get an idea of what they want.

If we’re all quick and to the point we get a lot more done in less time! hope this was helpful and GOOD LUCK with your listings J

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